actively driving growth and returns

A long term perspective

We recognise that companies need more than capital to grow and thrive. We understand the changing challenges businesses face as they progress beyond the start up and early days. To provide our partners with the support they need we can offer a more rigorous, hands on approach.

With all of our investments we take a long term perspective. We’re not looking for quick wins (albeit nice to have!). We believe in the longer term potential of businesses and are committed to nurturing our partners along the path to success. We also know that there isn’t a ‘one size fits all’ solution. However, we do believe that success rests on four key pillars that are common to all businesses:

Defensible strategy

A shared vision and a collective understanding of how to achieve it are essential for success.

  • We help to develop a clearly defined, long term strategy and a detailed actionable roadmap to realise it.
  • We offer a fresh perspective to help clarify goals and objectives.
  • We bring strategic expertise, market insight and research resource.

Robust operations

A clear strategy can only be effective if a company has the resources to implement it and the infrastructure to support it.

  • We help define and build the operational infrastructure, structural and process rigour, and resource capabilities required to achieve the strategy.
  • We advise and help to facilitate recruitment and appropriate governance.
  • We bring hands on operational support, access to experienced operators and a network of industry gurus/experts.

Flexible finances

It is critical to have the necessary capital to realise a vision but counterproductive if provided by investors who don’t share the same objectives.

  • We are committed investors with a long-term, growth perspective.
  • We help to quantify the financial requirements necessary for growth and identify optimal financing alternatives.
  • We work closely with management to ensure good allocation of funds.

Cohesive culture

Culture is the heart of any business. It is the hardest thing to create and to change, but getting it right is essential for success.

  • We take time to ensure objectives and motivations are aligned with appropriate incentives.
  • We leverage our network to ensure we attract and retain the right talent.
  • We look for a shared passion and culture between our team and our investments.
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