actively driving growth and returns

We invest in people

We look for passionate teams with the vision and energy to effectively challenge the status quo and entrepreneurs that want to change the world! We strongly believe that the people are the single most important factor in determining the success of a business.

We therefore invest in people, not business plans.

Sector focus

We focus on innovative, growth businesses in the branded consumer, leisure and retail space.

  • We believe there are exciting growth opportunities in these markets, particularly for innovative brands that are re-defining the traditional norms in response to increasingly sophisticated and discerning customers.
  • Focusing on specific industries allows us to gain a fuller understanding of the market dynamics, the challenges and the opportunities and to build a team with specific, relevant experience
  • Particular areas that we are proactively exploring include food and hospitality, well being, health , sport/fitness, outdoor, travel, fashion, media and entertainment, online media and eCommerce, and other consumer technologies.

Investment stage

We will partner with great entrepreneurs at any stage in the lifecycle of their business provided there is exciting potential for growth.

  • Typically we focus on growth stage businesses that are facing the critical transition from adolescence to maturity.
  • By focusing on businesses that are at a similar stage and facing similar challenges we are better able to leverage our collective knowledge and expertise across our investment portfolio and provide greater overall value to our partners.
  • We can invest as little as £0.5m or as much as £15m over the life of an investment but always seek to take at least a significant minority share to ensure we are in a position to actively contribute to an accelerated growth trajectory.


We currently focus the majority of our investment efforts on businesses based in the UK, many of which have international markets. We will selectively consider opportunities outside of the UK.

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