actively driving growth and returns

We are more than investors

Our mission is to help entrepreneurs develop and build exciting, innovative brands and companies that have profound and lasting impact.

We are more than just investors. We believe our true value-add is the ongoing nurturing and support we provide post-investment. Our investment strategy, approach and culture differentiate us from other sources of capital and uniquely position us to help accelerate growth and drive value within each of our portfolio companies. We are entrepreneurs and business builders ourselves.

Exclusive sector focus

We are focused exclusively on developing exciting, innovative brands in the consumer, leisure and retail space. By focusing in this way we are able to offer deep and thorough understanding from a team with specific relevant experience.

Growth capital

We help accelerate growth in promising young companies. We provide flexible capital which enables these businesses to quickly build upon their initial success and develop into widely recognized brands.

Active partner

We invest in companies where we believe we can add unique insight and value. Beyond capital we bring experienced resource through our own team and our network to help to develop a strategy for accelerated growth and to create a more robust and scalable operational infrastructure.

Entrepreneurial culture

We have consciously built a team of people with a balance of experience in both established organisations and early stage, high growth businesses. As a result, we understand the challenges businesses face as they scale and we are well positioned to respond quickly with constructive and candid solutions.

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